Student’s Projects 2020


YES CHEF! is an educational fun game for kids to learn about food and ingredients in their everyday life. Choose the correct ingredients for each menu and become the best chef ever! 

by Jantarat


VeggiePick is a website for people who want to plant some vegetable at home but can’t find any vegetables that suit their lifestyle. VeggiePick will help you find your matched vegetable by playing a quiz. Moreover VeggiePick also include planting information for each vegetable

by Chanidapa


RightBeat is a website for music enthusiasts that offers you a variety of music-related content, entertainment and discovery

by Papasvi


Escreff is a coffee website that give you a brewing coffee experience which you can choose any type of coffee that you like by yourself . Enjoy our website and take a sip of coffee!

by Phanu


FLOVVER, a website that help you choose a flower for yourself or your lover. Take the flower quiz and learn a cute flower meaning that suit you!

by Suttida


RENUMBER, Let’s try remember number digits as much as you can and share to your friends what level you get!!. Moreover, this game is designed for using short-term memory to improve your concentration.

by Arisa C.

Game Of Dog

This project is the website about dog breeds and dog’s simple information. The user can learn about dog and get simple information by playing game and reading the information on website.

by Arisa A.


This game is suitable for people aged 6 and over, is an adventure game. In which the game is designed to develop children For the children to concentrate, practice cunning skills and get fun from this game.

by Kittithat

WM (word meaning)

W(word) M(meaning), a new style matching game which is not a normal image match but it’s just matching pictures with the vocabulary you need to know in order to pass it. All the animals, various fruits, and the objects around us in life we don’t know the terminology. This game made for kids in elementary school age who interested in learning and trying to memorize English words. With a minimal design and looks formal to study.

by Jarukit

Color Rush

Eye test game on how well the colors can be distinguished

by Chanya

My color pencils

Eye test game on how well the colors can be distinguished

by Thananyachai

Let’s go picnic !

Relax with the easiest puzzle game and have a wonderful picnic at your own house

by Sathida

2020 Pandemic

Resource management game inspired by a COVID-19 pandemic situation that
happened in the year 2020 worldwide. The player will become the president of an anonymous country that pandemic recently arrived.

by Ananya

MatchMe! Guess K-pop song challenge

How many of the songs and their music videos do you really remember?
Put your memory to the test in game and see if you can guess the song just from a single frame!

by Atchara